• Tristan is Virgin Tight

  • His skin heals fast

  • He is Super Kinky


With a few Precautions,
and the right Credit Card,
Tristan can be yours



Or Try his Recipes!



Vampire Rent Boy: For Love and Money
by D.L. Warner

Tristan didn't even understand that his current popularity was because of Twilight. He stopped reading with the advent of talkies, and he was never up to date on pop culture. Whatever the reason, business was great for a rent boy who was also immortal. His pimp, Klaus, happily booked him with the most dangerous psychopaths, because they paid obscene amounts of money to be with an unbreakable playmate. And when a client tried to break him, it was dinner time for Tristan. This all worked well until a he has run of clients too dangerous for even a Vampire. Life is suddenly terrifying for Tristan. And then he meets a client strong enough to save him even from himself. What will that one want in return?

E Book Only Price: $2.99
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  Life for Tristan is getting stranger and stranger quite a feat for a vampire who is centuries old. There is a coven of witches stalking him for some crime his family committed generations ago. Meanwhile, Klaus becomes convinced that Tristan is the heir to a vast fortune and holding out on him. And then, there is the trio of pale, black leather clad beings floating off the floor with hooks and pins shoved painfully in their flesh. They seem convinced that they can show Tristan wonders he has never seen. Since they don't look like they are having any kind of fun, Tristan avoids them. But that's all at work. Life at home is better than it's ever been. Adam returns from his business trip, and they finally share a night together in bed. The sex is hotter than he could have imagined. Everything seems perfect. The only danger is that coven. Will their curse succeed in destroying Tristan before he can find true love?


E Book Only Price: $2.99
Delivered via Amazon Kindle

  The memories of where Vampire Tristan met the sexy and mysterious Adam comes back to him at the most inconvenient moment while he's with the lusty Police Detective who is still blind to his secrets. When they finally meet, Tristan not only finds out about Adam's strange and sometimes mystical past, he learns about the horrible fate his family had in mind for him when he was an innocent human. There is no time for regret with romance in the air. Tristan and Adam finally celebrate the miraculous events that brought them back together. Does this mean real happiness for Tristan? Or will an accident with the thorn from a rose ignite his blood lust and destroy his last chance at a life-long companion?

E Book Price: $2.99  Delivered by Amazon Kindle

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